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Foremost handcrafted home decor.

Are you looking for finely designed home decor in the Holdenville area? Little Hopefuls is one of the best-known handcrafted designers that you can vist, you're sure to find something that will catch your attention. She designs with precision and will ensure that the expectations of our customers are meet. The use of materials such as wood, fabrics, and animal skin for our designs. Drop by her facebook page for a visit or contact us through our booking form.

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, we have made it a point to provide beautiful, high-quality pieces consistently. Our team is comprised of professional craftsmen and sales advisors. It is our objective to match each client perfectly with their dream item. Our team of staff understands that everyone has a different taste and adapts accordingly. Every piece we make is tailor-made for your unique tastes. So visit us today and discover which timeless item is waiting to find a new home.

Our Designs

We boast a wide range of designs and objects for our customers to choose from. Most of our models have great colours; some also have artistic inscriptions, making each one unique. We can help our clients and customers come to a decision by showing them catalogues of our work where they can choose an idea of what they like. Moreover, thanks to the high quality of our materials and processes, the durability and integrity of our work are always evident in every piece we create.

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Green rim wreath


20inch bike rim repurposed for a beautiful hopeful wreath with peachy peonies and a ceder sign.

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